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Starling: Chapter Nine


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After that first night, Kira got the hint and stopped inviting Cosmo over. Instead, she would disappear in the evenings for hours at a time, coming home before lights-out with mussed hair and a who-cares set to her chin. They didn’t talk much, and when they did it was strained and polite, so as far as Roy was concerned it was almost as bad as if she and Cosmo were sexiling him daily. If he was in the room alone he felt angry and bored, and if Kira was there he felt angry and angry, so he started avoiding her right back, until they barely saw each other anymore despite having matching toothbrushes in a shared bathroom.

Roy hated this about living on a space station: there were only so many people, and when there was bad blood it stank up everything. So instead of torturing himself over that, he started voluntarily spending time with Elliott Blue.

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