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Knights Errant: Pavane - A webcomic about mercenaries and angry princesses. A reboot of the original Knights-Errant.

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Knights Errant: Pavane | Chapter One - Pages 20-22

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taberune asked: Hallo! I love your webcomic so so SO much! The art is gorgeous and even though it's not that far in, I'm absolutely hooked! Are you going to update anytime soon?


Ahh thank you so much!! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it!

I’m actually working on a batch of pages right now. I’m trying to finish up this scene before I post it. Apologies for the long wait!

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geminismash asked: Would you consider posting your work on Tapastic?


I’m thinking of posting Knights-Errant: Pavane there once I’m done with the first chapter! 

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yowamushi pedal - “mama” 

Caught up on what’s translated of the Yowapeda manga and got to Midosuji’s backstory.

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Starling: Chapter Eight


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Roy realized he hadn’t eaten all day, other than potato chips. This was partly by design, since he knew the gym made him nauseous, but he had gone from zero to ravenous in the time it took him to ascend to the outside level where Elliott slept.

Elliott answered the door warily but forewarned, still wearing a shirt—or maybe, based on the disarray of his feathers, having just replaced his shirt. Or maybe he’d been napping. Who knew.

“Thanks again for having me,” said Roy. He didn’t know how to handle this circumstance, but he knew how to be polite, had been versed in basic etiquette since before he could read. Thank God for something to fall back on. “Are you hungry?”

He was trying to figure out the schematics of going out in front of everyone again. Or maybe he should offer to go on a food run by himself? But how to do so without sounding insulting, as though he didn’t want to be seen together? Even if it was more or less true.

But Elliott interrupted this quiet spiral when he stood aside to let him in. “I have food,” he said.

Roy hesitated, and he felt the air between them thicken. They were both remembering the last time he’d been inside.

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too bold - mariam 

I feel like I don’t draw Mariam’s mischievous side enough so I tried to amend that

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Kadeen and Oswald Pavane designs (+ Beppe and Anton) 

geez beppe don’t say that in front of your boyfriend

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