Hello, I'm a fan of your artworks!!! your daiya fanarts are especially amazing! Just wondering, do you plan to put images in the cast section of knights Errant or maybe physical description? I am horrible at matching names with faces and I think it'll probably help people who have the same problems as me. If you can't, it's fine though!

Updated the cast section!

Will probably replace those images once I have enough energy to draw proper profile pictures. Thank you for the suggestion! (I’m bad at pairing names and faces too so I feel youu)  


Hello! Quick question. I read the original Knights Errant comic and am now reading the remake, and I saw that Wilfrid is actually a woman? Just confused if in the remake it's the same. If Wilfrid is female but identifies as male as in the original comic, or differently. Ha sorry, it's just been bothering me not knowing. By the way, I really love your art and the comic.

Wilfrid was a cis woman in the first draft. She was never a trans man like Oswald. I was only able to hint at that in the original before I went on hiatus so I understand the confusion. 

It’s the same in the reboot - Wilfrid is DFAB and identifies (mostly) as a woman, though she’s passing as a man. Wilfrid feels complicated about her gender and that will be expanded on as the story progresses.

I hope that answers your question!

the merc and android 0-425

A mercenary is given the task of breaking a dysfunctional, violent android out of a laboratory before it can be dissected for analysis. 

Android 0-425 was found at the scene of the crime, holding the murder weapon - a piece of rebar. Skin was missing from the android’s neck, shoulders, and legs.

While impalement was the cause of death, the victim’s face was also mutilated until rendered unrecognizable. Blood was found on the android’s hands. 

As all androids are three-laws compliant, investigation is underway. 

I had a craving for 80s grunge sci-fi BL, what can I say.


I'm sure you've been asking this before, but do you plan on selling copies of knights errant pavane some time down the road?

Yes! Once I have an actual volume of material, so it may take awhile aha…